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Element Consulting Engineers Services

'Services' is an Overview of our Capabilities, the services and products that Element Consulting Engineers offer our Clients:


In line with Element Consulting Engineers' mission statement, we are committed to continuously improve customer service levels by nurturing a culture of excellent service and creativity.

Element Consulting Engineers has a competitive edge through continuous research and development, innovation and design. Generating new solutions to problems, creating new processes or services for a changing market, are all part of our intellectual capital. Combining team Motivation, Expertise and Creative thinking makes for creativity in our business, and our projects.

Development Infrastructure:

Element Consulting Engineers a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa, which is a token of our commitment to promote, encourage and facilitate green building design and implementation in the South African property and construction industry through marked-based solutions.

  • Residential & Housing Developments
    • Low Cost Housing
    • GAP Housing
    • Lifestyle & Country Estates
  • Industrial Developments
  • Recreational Developments
    • Sports complexes and recreational facilities
    • Golf course developments

Municipal and public sector Services:

  • Bulk Water Supply, pump stations and reservoirs
  • Bulk Sewer Reticulation
  • Labour Intensive Projects
  • Earthworks and platform design, bulk earthworks for buildings and major infrastructure services

Roads and Transport Engineering:

Element Consulting Engineers has successfully undertaken numerous projects in South Africa, as well as in Namibia, Angola, Ghana, Togo and Malawi. These projects were completed for various clients, including private, municipal, governmental organizations and state owned enterprises. The Roads & Transport Department offers the services of specialists who are knowledgeable and have extensive experience in their relevant fields. Element Consulting Engineers provides a one-stop service including all the specialist disciplines required. Road types include National, Provincial, Metropolitan, Streets and Access Roads. Construction Categories include Greenfields Construction (New Roads), Rehabilitation and Rejuvenation of existing roads, Upgrading, Improvements and Routine Road Maintenance. Construction types include Re-Seal (Periodic Road Maintenance), Asphalt, Gravel, Concrete and Seal constructions.

  • Surfaced roads, gravel roads
  • Geometric design
  • Paving
  • Drainage structures
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Traffic Studies
  • Material Investigations
  • Visual Surveys
  • Geometric Design
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Pavement Design
  • Urban Transports
  • Transport Investigations
  • Contract Management
  • Transportation structures

Project- and Facilities management:

Project Management is a very wide field and may be applied rigorously to all activities for quality control and monitoring purposes or more informally to selected aspects for which only overall co-ordination is required. Regardless of the extent of a project, the principles of project management should be implemented for the planning, design and construction aspects of all projects.

The availability and cost of land for, and construction of bulk infrastructure, property development structures, and buildings became so expensive that project management became indispensable to cut costs and provide environmental and social friendly development.

Due to the environmental impact of development and the necessity to conserve resources, Green Architecture and Engineering principles in building are becoming more important. This also means more governmental rules and regulations to comply with.

Effective project management, in accordance with international guidelines such as the Project Management Body of Knowledge book (PM BOK), the SA Guidelines for Human Settlement Planning and Design (Redbook), the Green Building Handbook SA, and other relevant documents, can result in improved safety, economic benefits (on time and within budget), quality control in all projects.


Element has been involved in the project management of road, electrification, municipal services, housing, commercial, industrial, and private projects for various clients including: SANRAL, ESKOM, various National Government Departments, various Provincial Authorities, various Metro / Local Authorities, and the Private Sector. Element offers:

Project Facilitation

  • Investigations
  • Project planning
  • Financial control

Project Management

  • Contract management and administration
  • Systems engineering
  • Quality management
  • Project life cycle management
  • Project risk management
  • Principal Agent or Turnkey Team leader

Project Feasibility Studies:

  • Project Investigations
  • Project Planning
    • Critical Path Analysis
    • Programming of Activities
    • Organisation and Coordination
    • Community Liaison
  • Financial Control
  • Cost Estimates
  • Cost Projections and Reports
  • Subsidy Applications
  • Cost Control

Water & Sanitation Engineering:

Element Consulting Engineers has more than 20 years' extensive experience in the field of Water and Sanitation engineering. The firm has been actively involved in the planning, design, drawing, documentation and implementation of related projects for various clients, including the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, Department of Transport, Provincial Administration, Metropolitan / Local Authorities and the Private sector. South Africa is a country where water scarcity is forcing innovative water engineering solutions which ranges from water conservation and water demand management, storage, treatment and distribution, to treatment and re-use or discharge as well as creating energy from waste. Projects undertaken by the firm include bulk water & sanitation services; pump stations; water and sewer treatment works; stormwater; water reticulation models; master planning; irrigation, desalination as well as a range of feasibility studies. One of the key aspects that will be considered during the planning and design of any project is the operational and maintenance requirements of the proposed services as well as the available institutional capacity and level of skill that will operate and maintain the implemented infrastructure.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering:

Electrical Engineering:

  • Electrical Services
    • Medium & Low Voltage Distribution
    • Auxiliary Services Wireway Distribution
    • Standby Power System
      • Generator Systems
      • UPS Systems
      • DC Inverter Systems
    • Lighting
      • Emergency and Evacuation Lighting
      • Functional and Decorative Lighting
      • Sport Field Lighting
      • Stage Lighting
      • Security Lighting
      • Lighting Control Systems
      • Installation Audits & Energy Efficiency Reports
      • Intelligent Lighting Control
    • Lightning Protection Systems
    • Energy Audits & Energy Efficiency Reports
  • Electronic Services
    • Access and Time Control Systems
    • CCTV Surveillance Systems
    • Security Systems & Integration
    • Fire Detection & Automated Extinguishing Systems
    • Communication Systems
    • SAT-TV Terrestrial TV Signal Distribution
    • Internet Services Distribution
    • Public Address & Audio Evacuation
    • Building Management Systems
    • Home Automation Systems
    • Telemetry & SCADA Systems

Mechanical Engineering:

  • HVAC
    • Central Chilled Water Systems
    • Unitary AC Systems
    • VRV/VRF AC Systems
    • Swimming Pool Heating
    • Ablution Ventilation Systems
  • Refrige-ration
    • Cold Rooms
    • Freezer Rooms
  • Extrac-tion Systems
    • Dust Extraction Systems
    • Smoke Extraction Systems
    • Fume Extraction Systems
  • Lifting Equip-ment
    • Elevators
    • Escalators
    • Dock Levellers
  • Water Reticulation
    • Unitary Hot Water Systems
    • Central Hot Water Systems
    • Cold Water Reticulation
  • Rational Fire design and certification
    • Fire Plan
    • Rational Fire Design
    • Sprinkler Installations
    • Fire Hose Reels
    • Fire Hydrants
  • Plant Engineering
    • Process and Mechanical Engineering Design
    • Plant Layout Design
    • Product Conveyance Design
    • Equipment Design & Specification
    • Process Flow Diagrams
    • Process and Instrumenta-tion Diagrams
  • Pipe Gasses
    • Compressed Air
    • Medical Gas
    • LPG Installations
  • SANS XA Energy Aynalysis & Modelling
    • SANS XA Energy Analysis & Modelling

Electrical Infrastructure & Renewable Energy:

Element Consulting Engineers has successfully undertaken numerous projects in South Africa, as well as in Namibia, Angola, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Mozambique and Malawi. These projects were completed for various clients, including private, municipal, governmental organizations and public corporate.

Projects include factories, industrial parks, industrial processing plants, substations, medium and high voltage power lines, street lighting, rural electrification, shopping centres, retirement villages, residential developments, apartment blocks and country estates.

Advancements in renewable energy technology; the rising costs of oil, gas and electricity; community incentives; standard offer contracts for renewable electricity and emission trading markets; has inspired us to explore and tap into the renewable energy market. Our primary focus of large utility-scale renewable energy plants has incorporated large wind farms and solar photovoltaic farms, but has also ventured into rooftop PV and some bio energy plants. It is this vision that made us part of the rapid deployment of renewable energy, energy efficiency and technological diversification of energy sources that would result in significant energy security and economic benefits.

Bulk Electrical supply and distribution, Substations:

  • Reticulation & Electrification
    • Master Planning
    • Development
    • LV & MV Overhead & Underground Networks
    • Street Lighting
  • Control & Automation
    • Protection Settings & Philosoply
    • SCADA
    • Instrumentation/
    • Telemtry
    • Process Design
  • Generation & Distribution
    • Generating Plant/
    • Substations
    • HV Lines
    • MV Feeder Line
  • Asset Management
    • Site Management & Supervision
    • Quality Assurance
    • Contract Administration
    • Materials Control
    • Manufacturing Inspections
    • Commissioning of Projects

Renewable Energy:

  • Alternative Renewable Resources
    • Pumpstorage
  • Renewable Resources
    • Photovoltaic
    • Wind
    • CSP
    • Small Hydro
    • Landfill Gass
    • Biomass
    • Biogas
  • Embedded Grid Solutions
    • Generating Plant Efficiency
    • Loadflow Analysis
    • Control & Automation
    • Power Quality Studies
    • Grid Code Compliance Studies
    • Authorised Person
    • &
    • GMR(2)
  • Sustainability/Efficienty
    • Energy Management
    • Measurement
    • &
    • Verification

Contract Management & Administration:

Contract Management is a specialized field requiring dedicated resources with the expertise to deliver projects on time, on quality and within budget, keeping all stakeholders informed and involved to ensure efficient and value-adding project implementation.

This Division offers the one-stop services of Contract Engineers and Resident Engineers who are knowledgeable and have extensive experience in their relevant fields that ranges from estimating, quality control, measurements and the contract implementation of Water Retaining Structures, Reinforced Concrete Structures, Bulk Water and Sewer supply, Roads, Infrastructure Projects, Buildings and Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Projects.

This division can advise clients on different construction procurement strategies, including application of different contract forms, i.e. FIDIC, NEC, GCC, and JBCC.

Structural Engineering:

Element Consulting Engineers has a sound Structural Engineering division based in the Stellenbosch and Cape Town branches. Here we employ a large number of both experienced and highly qualified professional structural engineers, technologists and technicians who are well versed to plan, analyse, design and detail any type of reinforced concrete, conventional structural steel, timber, composite or light-weight steel structures. Our structural design methodology is based on state-of-the-art structural and analytical modelling using software packages such as Revit Structures, Robot Millennium and PROKON, whereas the detailing and drafting portion of a project is finished with CAD packages such as Autocad and AutoPadds. Element Structures also do structural integrity investigation and reporting on existing structures to determine damage, functionality of purpose, economic life span or value of the structure.

Civil Engineering Structures:

  • Reservoirs
  • Water & Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Bridges & Culverts
  • Highway Barrier Walls
  • Overhead Power Lines
  • Power- & electrical sub-stations
  • Coastal & marine structures

Building Structures Services:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Commercial Garages
  • High Rise Office & Apartment Blocks
  • Hotels
  • Retirement Villages
  • Single Residential Units
  • Hospitals
  • Abattoirs
  • Prisons
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Industrial Warehouses & Manufacturing Facilities
  • Agricultural Processing Facilities

Environmental and Tourism Development Services:

The spatial design and environmental quality are determining factors in reducing risks and restricting potential damage. In the environmental management procedure we can manage and facilitate the process and co-ordinate the input of a range of specialised disciplines, as well as execute the environmental planning and development for a specific area.

Guidelines for the Strategic and Integrated development of planning areas are formulated on behalf of and in collaboration with provincial, metropolitan, and local authorities and the private sector, which include determining the nature, intensity and arrangement of land uses with due consideration to socio-economic factors, transport matters and development priorities in a social and environmentally sustainable manner.

Specific services include environmental impact studies, environmental planning and development, land-use / reform projects, conservation frameworks, facility development, and integrated environmental management.

Environmental and Conservation Studies and Planning:

  • Sustainability and Rehabilitation plans
  • Land-use Planning
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Integrated Development Planning
  • Parks and Recreation Planning
  • Property Development Planning

Tourism Development:

Tourism Infrastructure, facilities and services development and marketing must match the changing trends in tourists' interests and needs over time, thereby changing and increasing attraction value correspondingly. Sustainability in tourism can only be maintained by adding value, conserving the resources, and most importantly customer care. Sometimes it is not what you do to the product, but what you do to the mind of the target market.

It is thus important that Tourism Infrastructure Development takes place through, or be part of, an Integrated Marketing and Information Management process. The main objective for any Tourism development programme is to facilitate appropriate tourism infrastructure, product development, and marketing based on a supply and demand system, and taking note of the relationship between social, environmental and economic activities.

Effective tourism development, in accordance with national / provincial guidelines such as the White Paper on Tourism development, W.Cape Integrated Tourism Development Framework, and other relevant documents, can result in improved attraction values, economic benefits and the promotion of tourism.

Element has been involved with the compilation, auditing, planning, design and implementation of Tourism Development and Marketing plans for the following clients: Nat. Dept. of Tourism (NDEAT), SANRAL, various Provincial Roads and Tourism Authorities, various Metro / Local Authorities, and the Private Sector.

Agricultural Engineering:

Dam Engineering:

Design Services:

  • Embankment Dams
  • Concrete Dams
  • Tailings Dams
  • Pollution Control Dams
  • Retention and Attenuation Dams
  • Off-Channel Storage (Balancing) Dams
  • Weirs
  • Rubble Masonry Concrete Dams
  • Material Investigations
  • Local Surveys
  • Repair, Upgrading and Rehabilitation of Existing Dams

Dam Safety Services:

  • Dam Safety Evaluations and Reporting for Category I, II and III Dams
  • Compilation and Review of Operation and Maintenance Manuals and Emergency Preparedness Plans
  • Dam Break Analysis
  • Flood Hydrology Analysis
  • Flood Line Delineation